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Welcome to Chisel Training Academy

We are delighted to welcome you to this wonderful organization that encourages each one of us to identify and appreciate our hidden potential.  All of us in Chisel Training Academy are qualified, dedicated, experienced and above all passionate about education. Here, we work hard to help individuals to actualize their potential by partnering with educational institutions, both colleges and schools, through Face to Face and Online Trainings.

Why Choose Chisel Training Academy ?


Chisel Training Academy envisions creating a better society through quality education. Quality education is providing every educated individual skill to make informed choices and contribute in a responsible way to the well-being and growth of the society that one belongs to, while fulfilling one’s own ambitions in an ethical way.


In our quest to be a part of the demanding educational transformation we would like to light our little lamp and enlighten the already existing education system and make it better day by day through training individuals. Our belief and experience are that it is the individual, be it a Leader, a Teacher, a Student or a Parent, who brings life to any process or system.


“Become Better” It is a constant reminder to ourselves and to everyone associated with us that we need to become better in everything we think and in everything we do.

Our Services

Essentials and needs vary from one person to another. Every individual is unique and possesses certain skills. However 

Learning is a continuous and limitless process.  CTA ensures that all its stakeholders are sculpted, trained and equipped in various dimensions in those skills that they choose to excel

Quality is a habit and has to be worked on continuously. Post every training session and practical applications of the learning, CTA ensures that its partners are benefited exclusively

The final responsibility for CTA is to have a credibility follow up with its clients just to ensure that the last lap of the process is complete



Chisel Training Academy was founded by a group of likeminded passionate educators. We have diverse expertise in various aspects of Educational Administration, Academics, Teacher Facilitation and Soft Skills Training. We have trained around 6000 School and College Captains, Parents, Teachers, School Heads, Administrators and School Owners. We highlight on various aspects of Teaching – Learning Process, English Language, Life and Personality Development Skills. Our team includes International and National level trainers with over two decades of training experience. We have set our training footprints in countries like the Sultanate of Oman, Dubai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Singapore and Sri Lanka besides our home land. Many more lands to touch and million more lives to reach. 


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